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TheArtifact™ is the Original Site and Tradename for the Museum Store Company™. Established in 1997, opening up the world to replicas and reproduction of art history works from the Museums of the world, we worked (and still do) under the Motto of 'Own a Piece of History‚ĶGive a Piece of History'. TheArtifact™ became a speciality brand for the Museum Store Company™ products and services in 2006. In 2010, Museum Store Company aqcuired MuseumCompany.com and MuseumCo.com, the online intellectual property of the Museum Company™ a past competitor which had over 100 locations and over $.5B in annual sales, and also uses Museum Company™ for special service and in store product programs.

The Museum Store Company has thousands of unique and distinctive art history replicas from the Museums of the world. Click to visit MuseumStoreCompany.com

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